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For everyone using TSR's Ad&d CD they put out.  Make sure you're using the latest, greatest version 1 by downloading the ...
Latest patch (3.11MB .zip)

A series of fountains that can be found at the end of an adventure, suggest putting 3 in a location and allowing a drink from any 1 fountain.

Quick reference guide to mythos. Faiths & Avatars accessory will be necessary to make full use of a specialty priest.
F&A Reference

Reference charts for the optional rules presented in Player's Option: Spells & Magic.
Spells and Magic Reference

This program creates GIFs of random world maps, using a fractal algorithm.
Random Maps

This is a DM's calculator use it to roll dice & to keep track of rolls as well as modify them.
Dm Calculator

This program is designed to populate an inn with random people. It decides race, gender, and occupation, as well as how drunk the patron is, and how much money he or she is carrying. It also assigns a slight chance for any patron to be an adventurer. Should this be the case, the program determines class and level, as well as the other factors.
Inn People (74kb)

This is a database designed for use with Microsoft Access. It allows the user to input monster statistics, as per Monstrous Compendium style entries. It may be translatable to other database formats, but don't count on it.
Monster Stats (90kb)

The program is designed to take the place of judge and jury. Many different factors are considered (including weather, solicitor skill, and the judge's mood - better hope he's not hung over!). Most of the factors can be set randomly, or determined by the DM. Once all the factors are considered, the DM need merely hit "VERDICT", and quick as can be, a verdict is rendered. If only real life justice could be as swift.
Crime (1,138kb)

This is a very powerful DOS character generator with options that can even make world specific characters. Truly a nice little program give it a try!
Generator (191 KB)

Another great Windows spell book generator with several options not available in some of the other spell book generators I’ve found.
Generator (245 KB)

This is an excellent Visual Basic program. This program will automatically calculate the value of gems for you! Check it out! ~
Gems (27 KB)

This on is for you Dragon Lance lovers. Here is a program that will keep track of the orbits of all three of the moons of magic. Heck it will even tell you the effects of the current moon positions on the three traditional Robes of High Sorcery, & even the Grey Robes (Knights of Takhisis). This is a windows program. Highly recommended for any Dragon Lance DM.
Moons (111 KB)

This wonderful, little file is a package including an AD&D character sheet, wizard spell book, priest spell book, and are in MSWorks 4.0 format.
Bundle (19.4 KB)
Same as above, just in MSWorks 3.0 format. (19.3 KB)
Same as above, just in MSWorks 2.0 format. (18.3 KB)
Same as above, just in RTF format. (17.8 KB)

This is a Random Spell Generator that even allows you to add spells of your own.A small download compared to what this will do in time savings for a DM or Players creating new characters or NPC's. This is one program no one should be with out! ~              
Spells (66kb)

You can construct your own planetary or solar system with Newton, and experiment with things like binary and trinary stars, the slingshot effect, retrograde motions, energy transfer in near collisions, and a whole lot more.
Spell Jammer (130kb)

AD&D character sheets in both legal & letter size with special pages for priests, wizards, & psionicist. These are some of the nicest I've seen so take a look! ~
Sheets (65kb)


Ad&d Mystara Economy Spreadsheet is/was part of a discussion on The Mystara Message Board on the TSR web site (MMB). The reason I offer this is to entertain Mystaran fans on one hand, but also to receive comments and suggestions from playtesters. This sort of help is always welcome. Comments can be e-mailed to me directly, but I would prefer they be posted on the MMB just to keep everyone there involved with the ongoing discussion. Bruce
Ecomony.xls (80 kb zip)
P.S. For those that downloaded Builder.xls.  This is the revised edition.

Random Number Generator for Roleplaying Games.
Random #'s

DMGR2: Castle Guide Excellent maps of the castle on the moors.
Castle Guide (510kb)

Dungeon Master's Familar DMF is a collection of utility programs for DM's and players of AD&D. This is a set of DOS programs that I thought some of you might like.
DMF (268kb)

This is a HUGE list of brand new wizard spells gathered from several different sources. Once again, it's in MSWorks 4.0 format.
Spells (46.2 KB)
Same as above, just in MSWorks 3.0 format. (45.9 KB)
Same as above, just in MSWorks 2.0 format. (45.5 KB)
Same as above, just in RTF format. (43.4 KB)

This is an excellent Windows based spell-book generator. Highly recommended for the DM with little patience for creating NPC spell-books.
Spell Book (623 KB)

This is an excellent graphical interface for the Deck of Many Things. Includes great artwork and sound effects for each card in the deck. Windows program. Don’t miss this one gang. ~
Deck o' Many Things (1240 KB)

This is a database program used for tracking monster statistics. It allows the DM to attach a picture to the description. It also allows for categorization, and the creations of "Rosters", into which the DM can group like creatures. This is one extremely cool program every DM should have this! ~
Data (4,169kb)

Recsheet.zip is a AD&D 2nd Edition character sheet using Players' Options rules. This is very nicely done easy to fill in & printout! ~ (Word97 format)
Sheet (24k)

The purpose of this utility is to produce random dungeon treasure hordes. It is based on the tables published in TSR's Dungeon & Dragons Rule Cyclopedia. The user can determine which treasure types to generate. This is small & pretty fun to play with enjoy!
Treasure (18kb)

This Character Generator is designed to produce D&D Characters. It comes with a full on-line help system. The characters, which are designed, can be printed out either in a simple two page document or via word in a neatly laid out character sheet. Magic items, weapons and character backgrounds can also be added either randomly or to fit a particular need.
Generator (132kb)

Ever needed a ship? Yes a ship for AD&D, there are sea adventures too. Here is a great list of ships used in the AD&D worlds. So why not check them out & create a little sea voyage for your group today!  ~ 
Ships (14kb)

The purpose of this utility is to generate Weather for the TSR D&D game. The Weather information used comes mainly from the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide. This is the IZ
Weather Generator (63KB)

Welcome to WinItem, a very nice mass item viewer/printer/Editor for Windows 95 users. Lots of AD&D type, items already here & you can add your own as well. Just download the zip open it & double click on the Winitem.exe icon.
WinItem (293KB)

These are the map and atlas files for the world of Tarin. The atlas is 31 pages, and the map fills a page if printed at 300 dpi as it should be to come out smoothly. Try it out! ~
Tarin (100kb)

Say hello to Winspell this is an AD&D program that takes full advantage of the great net spell book. With this you can locate exactly the spell you’re looking for. Download the program first then the data files. Place the data files in the same folder as the program then open the program. Once opened click on the magnifying glass icon find the data file then open it. Now you’re all set.
Program (306KB)
Data file (1MB)

The suite is a nice little set of AD&D based utilities. It includes: the roller, the massaver, the spell book, xpomatic,& the populator. For more information down load this & view the read me files.
Suite (127KB)
This is a nice looking AD&D character sheet for levels 1-3. Nothing to download just print it out & fill it in. Then you're ready to play! ~


The following three DL’s are really one of the most complete packages of AD&D tools I’ve ever seen! These are not to be missed by anyone who loves the game!

There's the DOS version of the Tome, which works fine on a slow 286, or in a DOS box under UNIX, Mac or OS/2. Usually found in 2 pieces. Tome of Vast Knowledge v1.13 Created by Douglas Webb. A collection of DOS programs Contains a lot of information about a lot of topics (spells, monsters, items, kits, ...)
Part 1: (1103 KB)
Part 2: (922 KB)

There's a database builder package specifically tailored as an accessory for use with the DOS version of the Tome (but usable with the Windows version if you read the documentation carefully.) Usually found in one piece. Database Builder v1.07 Created by Douglas Webb. Allows you to add your own databases to the Tome of Vast Knowledge A DOS program
Database Builder (250 KB)

Windows version Compatible with the databases used by the DOS version, but having a slightly friendlier user interface. Usually found in 2 pieces (2 installation disks.) Tome of Vast Knowledge for Windows v0.75 Created by Douglas Webb. The Windows successor to the program below With updated databases of spells, monsters, items, etc. Last update: 97/06/15
Part 1: (1,069 KB)
Part 2: (1,250 KB)

This is a very powerful Thieves Guild generator. Simple to use and the output file gives FULL stats and information on the guild, its leaders, & its members, etc. This windows program is highly recommended.
Guild (83.3 KB)

This is an excellent Windows based name generator. Highly recommended for the DM who needs a little help making names for all of his NPCs.
Names (95.4 KB)

This is a fair scroll generator. Read the documentation first, or you'll have no idea what you're doing wrong!
Scroll (49.5 KB)

Priest Spells Editor aids you with the problem of writing spell sheets for AD&D 2nd Edition.
Spells 120KB

The purpose of this utility is to produce random dungeon rooms and fill them with treasure and monsters. It is based on the tables published in TSR's 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Handbook. The user can determine how deep within the dungeon the room is and by clicking on a button generate a room. The room can then be printed out. This utility can call the iz Monster Generator to generate the statistics for the monsters in the room.
Dungeon (23KB)

Borland Database Engine (BDE) 4.0 is require to run the following three programs. Once you have it installed then you may run any & all of these nice utilities. In other words you only have to down load it once, with one of these programs. Then you may chose the lighter of the zip files.
Monster scribe with BDE 4.0 (4,457KB)
Monster scribe without BDE 4.0 (1,390KB)

Spells scribe with BDE 4.0 (4,248KB)
Spells scribe without BDE 4.0 (1,178KB)

Treasure scribe with BDE 4.0 (4,425KB)
Treasure scribe without BDE 4.0 (1,357KB)

Quick treasure also from the scribe but no extra files needed to run this one.
Quick  (244KB)

This program is one of the most complete character creators I think I’ve seen so far. It is very detailed & covers just about all aspects of an AD&D character including psionics. The program is four parts. Download them all & then open them to a single file. The installation instructions are in Spanish. Never fear though the program is in English too & if you’ve ever installed anything I think you can follow the installation process.
a. (1MB)
b. (915KB)
c. (991KB)
d. (820KB)