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Multi-User Domains

Wheel of Time MUD

Harshlands Role-playing MUD
Contact Staff at Harshlands

Forever's End RP MUD
Contact the Staff

Fallen Ashes
A great Ultima Online Roleplaying shard.

Medieval & Fantasy

The Otherworld
Freeform PBeM RPG
Contact Rhonda

Kingdom of Incali
Play by discussion group games

Alternity Online Chat Game
6-8 players wanted for a game set in PL 8
Players should download this character manager
Contact Alternity GM

Alternity Online Chat Game
4-6 players wanted for a game set in PL 8
Players should download this character manager
Contact Fate

The Chronicles 
Role-playing, PBeM, Strategy and more!

Chronicles of Varholm
Medieval Fantasy PBEM
Contact Ian FitzPatrick

Caelestia AD&D Campaign
Contact Falerin

Dragonvale - AD&D Campaign
Contact Drollick

War of the Blood
A world in Turmoil

World of Darkness Games

World of Darkness Chat and Newsgroup Games

- VtM: Dallas by Night Chat and Newsgroup Game
Contact dallasbynight@hotmail.com
- WtA: Rage Across Dallas Chat and NG
Contact Gizmo Wolf
- VtM: San Antonio by Night Chat and NG 
Contact Will aka Chiech Balaam
- CtD: Motorcity Madness Chat NG
Contact John Lees
- VtM : Blood and Wheels Chat and NG
Contact John Lees
- VtM: Fort Worth by Night Chat and NG
Contact Millie Sumner
- WtO: Shadow of Dallas Chat and NG
Contact Lars

Carpe Nocturne - World of Darkness Chat
Contact Maddie

 Dark Gift - World of Darkness Mush
Contact DeltaS

Club Paris - World of Darkness Game
Contact Falerin

JMR Associates Vampire LARP
Contact Donna, Coordinator

Apocalypse Club LARP Cheshire
Contact Benjamin

Sci Fi Games

Star Wars Elite Forces Chat and Newsgroup Game
Game Manager: Rick

The Empire
A postapobalyptic setting with vampires/werewolves/cyborgs and various other races
Contact the Organizer or visit the site for details

7th Order PBEM RPG
Contact GM or visit site for details.

Field Admiral Russell Boltz
GM of Admr Boltz's RPG HQs
Admr Boltz's RPG HQs Needs YOU!

Star Trek Eclipse RPG
Visit the site and see their chat games

A Call to Duty - Chat, Newsgroup, PbEM
The only online role-playing game ever endorsed by Paramount

Star Trek United Federation of Players International
Email Based RPG or PBEM

Star Wars Cold War Chat game
Contact Jason aka Mac

Sci Fi Sim Group
Contact Butler